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    Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
    Then how can we train our team apart from battling the trainers in the route once?
    You can use the Match Call feature on the PokeNav to have a rematch with those who have been registered.
    Originally Posted by silentCD View Post
    Besides as a starter how can I get a Gible in this hack?
    You can get one from the Golden Temple when you return the orb after beating the elite four.

    h ttp://
    Here's the team I had when I beat the elite four.
    Arbok - Lv 64 - Bite, Strength, Iron Tail, Giga Drain
    Victini - Lv 65 - Flamethrower, Swift, Psychic, Thunder
    Luxray - Lv 64 - Volt Tackle, Bite, Crunch, Thunderbolt
    Haxorus - Lv 64 - Dragon Claw, Slash, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower
    Dugtrio - Lv 64 - Earthquake, Dig, Slash, Magnitude

    I've just completed Champions Bridge with the same team (except Arbok) and the same moves. All at Lv 76.

    Damn it was difficult being quite under-levelled :O
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