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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    You can find a set of files here which assemble ASM files into raw hex code. You're after the THUMB.bat file (and all the files it calls). You may want to read how to assemble the ASM in that short tutorial as well.
    Ok well I have sat here and read Hackmews ASM tut about 4 times now and still I can't seem to understand how to assemble ASM to HEX... His tut seems to speak to people who already know the basics of programming and as for me I am a complete noob to programming... I can't find any video tutorials on GBA ASM hacking nor can I seem to find any IDE or Software that simply converts ASM to HEX. So I am starting to feel at a lose here, like I will never understand how this works (to the point I'm ripping my hair out)... There is no way that you could make a patch for this so us that see ASM as a whole other world of hacking =( ( I will be buying some books for sure)
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