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Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
Hu-Whaaaat? I don't even battle competitively and I use Smogon because they have all the information I'm looking for about a Pokemon and it won't give me a virus. Sometimes I'll go on Bulbapedia and my malware blocker will alert me that my computer almost got infected. I don't know what the shniz is going on with that site. Smogon lists strategies for possible use, and if people follow them rigidly just to win I don't really mind, but doesn't that kind of suck the fun out of things? I'm using it to see which Pokemon can be found in the Dream World and which moves they can all learn so I can eventually build a unique team and go fight. I'd say Smogon is a pretty excellent resource.
That is really weird, I go on that website with no problems and i think most people would agree.