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Originally Posted by lukesk1 View Post
FireRed Mono Water update #1:
So I chose Squirtle as my starter and it was apparently female so I named her Aqui, and then I battled my rival and I spammed tackle till I won lol best rival strategy ever. Then I Grinded my Squirtle to level 13 in Viridian Forest and, I was afraid of getting poisoned and blacking out so I caught a Pidgey and it will be used as my HM slave, so I traveled to Pewter City and beat Brock. Difficulty: 0/5 it may have been the easiest battle I have ever faced in a Pokemon game, because all I used was just water gun and both of Brocks pokemon fainted in one hit.
P.S does anyone know where the next water type will be, because its getting boring just using Squirtle.
The next available Water type would be the Magikarp you can purchase at the Pokémon Center just outside Mt. Moon.
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