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God, if anyone doesn't remember the commercial and the song for Nightmare in Dreamland, they didn't live. lol I wanted that game really badly actually. :( I blame that annoying but catchy commercial.

I wish they'd have power combos in more Kirby games though. I thought that was the best part about K64 really. And I'll let you know, Epic Yarn is very different from other Kirby games. There is no power absorbing in this game, but it's so...unique that it's hard to really be bothered by it. It all just works...really well. It's not my favorite Kirby game, but like I said, it's definitely the most creative and aesthetically pleasing game I've ever played. I really love games that feature graphics that differ from other games and kind of make it their own, if that makes sense.

As for my favorite power, I really love the Water power in Return to Dreamland. It's so fun and I feel like we waited long enough for that kind of power in Kirby, haha. Whip is also fun! And for kicks, Thunder/Ice in K64 is great. I love being a fridge. Is that where the idea for Frost Rotom came from?
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