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Well, I'm planning to play through again with different teams but these were my last Platinum and HeartGold teams:

Froslass lv.66 [Psychic / Destiny Bond / Ice Beam / Shadow Ball]
Porygon-Z lv.66 [Tri Attack / Shadow Ball / Nasty Plot / Discharge]
Gallade lv.69 [Psycho Cut / Close Combat / Swords Dance / Stone Edge]
Leafeon lv.67 [Sunny Day / X-Scissor / Seed Bomb / Iron Tail] - I was working on getting Leaf Blade
Garchomp lv.68 [Outrage / Draco Meteor / Earthquake / Fire Blast]
Empoleon lv.70 [Surf / Return / Avalanche / Flash Cannon]
Staraptor lv.47 (Dropped it) [Fly / Close Combat / U-turn / Agility]

Feraligatr lv.80 [Crunch / Superpower / Ice Punch / Waterfall]
Togekiss lv.78 [Aura Sphere / Double-Edge / Extrasensory / Air Slash]
Magmortar lv.78 [Fire Blast / Thunderbolt / Focus Blast / Rock Climb]
Scizor lv.75 [Bullet Punch / X-Scissor / Night Slash / Rock Smash (has technician)]
Lanturn lv.74 [Stockpile / Discharge / Surf / Ice Beam]
Rusty lv.77 (traded for my own Steelix :P ) [Iron Tail / Earthquake / Double-Edge / Stone Edge]

Wow...gotta be honest those are two of the strongest teams I've had that haven't been hybrids of multiple plays or with Gen III mixed in or something...I've had higher levels but not the quality of pokémon.
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