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Yes, she can still hit stuff like anyone can. Slap, tickle, anything. But she won't really be able to hurt her enemies to a point that matters with other kinds of weapon than the one she has chosen. You get loads of bonus strength when you use your special kind of weapon, and loads of minus if you try to fight with something else. Fists, for example.

Plus... you'll very soon be able to put two things at once into the PROTOTRUDER, generating totematerials that will make a new thing appear when used on the ALCHEMITER. And this new thing will be a mix of the two things you put into the PROTOTRUDER.

So if you have fishingpolekind, you can use a fishing rod and for example some barbed wire on the prototruder. That will likely yield a totematerial that produces a fishing pole with barbed wire instead of fishing line when used on the alchemiter. Deadly whip, if you ask me! Or maybe a TV-controller? Might yield a fishing pole with lots of buttons that can steer the line (and hook!) more precisely in the air or something. Or maybe a knife, turning the fishing pole into a lance of sorts, or long polearm... Creativity is the limit.

But that'll be explained soon IC by a certain NPC that has yet to fully show himself...

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