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    Well, I can't seem to upload pictures from my phone right now thanks to our computer being old and not having an SD Card slot, so for now just trust me on my word cause I can only do text updates for Gen IV and V:

    Ultimate Fighting-Mono Challenge: Platinum

    - Started game, chose Chimchar and called him "Bardock"

    - Did the beginning stuff and eventually made it to Oreburgh where I caught a male Machop and named him "Macho Man"

    - Did some light training, then challenged Roark and won for the
    Coal Badge

    - Made my way to Floaroma and kicked Team Plasma out of the Windworks

    - Got extremely lucky and found a Heracross on my 9th jar of Honey, so I caught him and named him "BeetleBorg"

    - Went through Eterna Forest, emerged in Eterna City and kicked Team Plasma out of their building

    - Challenged the Eterna Gym and defeated Gardenia for the Forest Badge

    - Went through Cycling Road and Mt. Coronet and caught a male Ralts named "Sir Loin" on the way to Hearthome City

    - Challenged Fantina and beat her rather easily for the Relic Badge

    - Made my way through the routes to Solaceon, passed through and made my way to veilstone, passed through and made my way down to route 212 where I caught a Croagunk named "Dart" and found a Dawn Stone which I used to evolve my Kirlia into a Gallade

    - Went all the way back to Veilstone and beat Maylene easily for the Cobble Badge

    Hopefully I can find a way soon to get my pictures up on my computer, but until then I guess this will have to do.
    Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished: