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    Originally Posted by Tournoiement View Post
    Claiming my Six Pokemons!

    Mew ★ Tournoiement
    Shaymin ★ Tournoiement
    Meloetta ★ Tournoiement
    Arceus ★ Tournoiement
    Reuniclus ★ Tournoiement
    Stoutland ★ Tournoiement
    Please resubmit your claims in alphabetical order when you have 100 posts!

    Originally Posted by Gym Leader Rozu View Post
    I would like to claim the following:

    Pikachu ☆ Gym Leader Rozu

    Blitzel ☆ Gym Leader Rozu

    Stoutland ☆ Gym Leader Rozu

    Oshawott ☆ Gym Leader Rozu

    Togepi ☆ Gym Leader Rozu

    Shinx ☆ Gym Leader Rozu

    I love these Pokemon so naturally I would like to claim them. Any chance of that happening, Anna?
    If you resubmit in alphabetical order, I'll add them.

    Everyone else's claims have been added~

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