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    Episode 2: A Stranger's Voice

    Dallas shifted uneasily back and forth. He was not sure what to do in the current situation. Gwyn eased up on her death grip, but she still clung to his arm. Her eyes were locked on the man with pitch black robes and blood red trim. Dallas was about to retort, but he was stopped by a mysterious voice that boomed at what sounded like it was right next to him.

    Do not speak! It will only bring suffering to you and the ones you care for.

    Dallas glanced around, trying to find the owner of the voice, but no one was seen. He did notice that others glanced around like he was.

    Did others hear the same voice that he had heard, he thought to himself.

    The voice boomed once more.

    Do not look around. They will notice that something is up. I am speaking to all of you through my telekinesis. I am the light in this dark time. More than half of you will not listen to what I have to say. To the ones still paying attention, slowly move to the outside of the crowd. This may sound cruel, but we cannot help those who do not wish to listen. If everything works out, we will save the ones who survive in the future. When I say now, run as fast as you can and hide. Do NOT run until I say now. No sooner or I will be unable to assist. What you see will only be an illusion.

    The voice drifted away into silence. Dallas looked down at Gwyn, her eyes were now wide and alert. She was no longer holding his arm tightly. Their eyes met, all they did was nod to one another. Dallas assumed that she had also heard the voice. Slowly they drifted backwards to the back of the group.

    "And wonder if we don't want to join your 'Brotherhood' as you call it," A cocky voice rang from the front of the group.

    It was the spark to start the fire. The crowd was now in an all out riot. All the mysterious man did was laugh.

    "This is your only warning. Resistance is futile and will not be tolerated. You either join us, or become slaves. I cannot guarantee your safety if you go against me," The man raised his hand in the air and snapped.

    Behind him, six others walked out of the shadows to join him. They all were in pitch black robes, but had different colored trim. Dallas studied the colors; blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, and brown trims.

    "This is only half of my generals, there are six more. They all have a special pokemon like my Charizard. All strong. All unstoppable. They have no weakness and will destroy anything that tries to stop us," the mystery man said, laughing once again. Dallas knew by now that this man was mad.

    Slowly, Dallas and Gwyn made it to the back of the group. Dallas dared look back and to his surprise. There was no men there. It was open and just begging for people to make a run for it. Dallas almost dragged Gwyn with him to make a run for it, but he stopped. The warning of the mysterious voice echoed in his mind. Do NOT run until I say now. No sooner or I will not be able to help. What you see will only be an illusion.

    Right after the words finished echoing, a boy tried to run for it. It turned out to be a deadly mistake. The boy collided with an invisible wall, sparks flew from the boy's body. Dallas and Gwyn could only look in horror as the boy shrieked in agony. A horrific smell filled the crowd's nostrils. Dallas fell to he knees, taking everything he had to not heave at the smell of burning flesh. Gwyn was not so lucky. She collapsed to the ground and vomit splattered the grass. After Dallas got his bearings, he looked around. More than fifteen people had met the same fate as the boy had in front of him and Gwyn. He also noticed that at least a quarter of the crowd was vomiting on the ground as well.

    The man with red trim laughed madly, "As I said, resistance is fu-" He was stopped. An enormous bright light exploded in the now night sky. Everyone was forced to shield their eyes.


    The mysterious voice boomed overhead this time where everyone could hear it.

    Dallas looked over at Gwyn. She was still recovering from the smell and could not move. She was in no condition to run. Without sparing a word, Dallas leaped to his feet and scooped Gwyn and to his arms. Without thinking he ran toward the gap, but he was not stopped by the invisible wall that had killed more than twenty. No , he made it through. Behind him, he could hear yells and cries. Pokemon were battling and attacking. He did not dare risk looking back and ran as fast as he could with Gwyn in his arms. He could only think of one place to go, the hidden basement deep below his home.
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