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    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    Something may happen when you beat him the second time in beta 4, but in beta 3 beating him again doesn't serve for any special purpose.

    But what comes to beta 4.... IT'S PRETTY MUCH DONE!

    I beta-tested the hack today and could only find a couple of small errors here and there which are fixed. In other words, the game is pretty much complete and should be totally error-free. If not, at least there shouldn't be any bigger bugs around (although there really shouldn't be any).

    There are a few more things to be done which I can finish pretty quickly (< 30 minute job). Once I'm done with them, I could do another test play and release the next beta. One thing it would be lacking though is a new title screen so I may try to insert one that cabusao (creator of Emerald Gen II hack) made me earlier. But that would only be a temporary one so I might not bother with it. So Lugia may be seen flying around in title screen of beta 4 as well, even though it's not even included in the hack itself.

    There we go!

    Hmm so then whens the release? :O
    So stoked to play beta 4, played beta 3 a while back don't remember much and don't want to start beta 3 now and beta 4 comes out soon. ETA?
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