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Made an acct. just to downlod this game, well worth it. Excellent work. I'd complain about how powerful the trainers were but that's not something really to complain about, just means I didn't train enough

Did beat E4+1 w/o a save state (should say: w/o save state during E4 battles)… miraculously. 51:50 playtime, though on 2x speed. Team:
Ampharos (66)—Brick Break, TPunch, TBolt, Flash
Swampert (63)—EQ, Ice Beam, Surf, Waterfall
Gardevoir (58)—Calm Mind, Confusion, Psychic, Teleport
Golem (56)—Rock Slide, EQ, Explosion, Strength
Metagross (60)—EQ, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Brick Break
Charizard (60)—Brick Break, Dragon Claw, FThrower, Fly

Will say: When Deoxys does his dirty work in Spear City, might've been cooler if you'd have just left bodies lying around rather than making them disappear, though that was interesting too.

Hope you consider taking on another project in the future
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