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    Red Version Flying UMC First Update
    - Named myself Alex and Rival Blue
    - Started off with Zippo the Charmander
    - Took on BLUE’s Squirtle and won
    - Headed towards Viridian and got and delivered Oak’s Parcel and got the Dex and Town Map
    - Caught Birdman the level 3 Pidgey
    - Grinded until both Zippo and Birdman were level 10

    Battle with Blue #1

    I started off with Zippo and Embered his Pidgey a couple times. I then switched into Birdman figuring that I could whittle his Squirtle down with Gust and then Zippo would finish him off after Birdman fainted but no! Birdman was able to take him down after 2 sand attacks I got lucky with his accuracy and Gusted the Squirtle to death. Zippo reached level 11 during the Battle.

    - Charged through Viridian Forest with no problems with Zippo reaching level 13 and Birdman reaching level 12
    - Trained until both were level 14
    - Headed to the gym and beat the Junior Trainer and got ready to face Brock

    Battle With Brock

    I decided to lead with Zippo and see if I could just take down Geodude with Ember and this worked to perfection as Zippo did not take any damage. For Onix I decided to switch into Birdman so I could Sand Attack him which I did 6 times (sorry Brock I know how this feels) so his Onix could not hit me. Then I just Gusted and Quick Attacked my way to Victory. Both Zippo and Birdman grew to level 15.

    - Fought my way to the Poke Center where I purchased Rage the Magikarp
    - Zippo evolved into a Charmeleon
    - Trained in Mt. Moon until Zippo and Birdman were level 18 which is when Birdman evolved into Pidgeotto
    - Rage also grew to level 9
    - Saved the game inside Mt. Moon