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If we're going just by the overall geography of the regions (cities, routes, climates, landmarks, etc.) my favorite region would be Sinnoh. It's got a lot of diversity to it- being able to go to cities buried in snow, having beaches in both the south and east of the region, large swampy areas that you can trek through and more. Unfortunately, I really didn't enjoy the games which we visited Sinnoh, though, so it soured my taste on the region as a whole.

The region that I liked the most as a whole package is actually Hoenn. We still get a lot of geographical diversity here as well, but we get something else that we don't really see in any other game (besides a small bit in Unova), and that's large underwater passages. That in itself brought a unique aspect to the region, and something I'd like to see brought back in the future.

Hoenn also brought along the introduction of the Battle Frontier (in Emerald, at least), it had not one, but two evil teams fighting to change the landscape of the region, and gave us the first real side missions outside of battling in Pokemon Contests. I think all of these additions plus the layout of the region itself is why Hoenn's my favorite.

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