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    Originally Posted by Zhuq View Post
    Works great on a white 2 patched too but freezes when opening pokedex
    Yes, until you have an original B2W2 Pokemon caught, you cannot open the Pokedex

    Originally Posted by AmazingCharizard View Post
    Actually it is.
    @Kingdrapion: I noticed in the beginning that there were still the old Gen 5 Character names instead of the new ones that you inserted like the professor.
    Im keeping Proffesor Juniper just FYI. But ye those text errors dont really affect gameplay so I don't know if Ill bother changing it.

    Originally Posted by ISNorden View Post
    Wow...I miss Hoenn even though I'm a die-hard Gen IV fan (some of my favorite species, including the starters, come from Hoenn). When this hack is in playable condition, I am definitely giving it a shot!
    This hack is in playable condition. In fact you can play to the end story wise, its just that from Reversal mountain onwards I have not edited.
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