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    (BTW this thread bleeds awesomeness. I can spend all day here!)

    So I finally beat the 5th Gym with my 2 lowest level Pokemon! Yep, both Escavalier and Crobat were a measly Lv. 25 when going into this battle, and they were only supposed to be my disposable leaders this time around! But as the fight grew longer, they better they did, and they were rewarded with quite a few Hyper Potions to keep the momentum going!

    Immediately after, I took on something I'd been looking forward to for the past few days, the PWT! I carefully Selected Dewott at 31, Crobat at 27 now, and my tank, Excadrill at 31 for my tourney lineup.

    First up is Hugh! So darn easy! Switched out to Crobat and Combo'd Confuse Ray and Fly until Tranquill. Then, I nearly stabbed myself with the 3DS's beautiful stylus. A combination of Detect and Roost made this battle drag on foreverrrrrrrrrr. Be prepared, fellow trainers! Finally, Tranquil was KO'd after a series of 3 flinch-inducing bites, thank god!

    Cheren wasn't even a big deal. To be honest, the battle was so quick that it wasn't even memorable, like I can't even remember the details of it.

    Colress was a bit of a challenge to Dewott, but Excadrill shut him down. The rest of the fight flew by, and the PWT for Driftveil was over! As they crowd cheered me (ha, who am I kidding?), I exited the building and was shocked to see a Plasma Grunt running away from Hugh. Instinctively, I followed the dock southward and focused on- -OOH! IS THAT A CAVE?!

    After a short ADD break in the cave, I proceeded to the ship swarming with Plasma derps and wiped them out effortlessly with the help of Cheren and Hugh. Sadly, Gothita was one casualty :/

    My Team:

    Arcanine Lv. 28

    Gothita Lv. 28

    Escavalier Lv. 26

    Crobat Lv. 27

    Dewott Lv. 30

    Excadrill Lv. 31

    Update time!

    So my team info was kinda lacking in the first entry... I think I'll address that right now to get it out of the way!

    Crobat Lv. 28
    Capable of taking hits
    -Confuse Ray

    Gothita Lv. 29
    -Faint Attack

    Dewott Lv. 30
    Capable of taking hits
    -Fury Cutter
    -Water Pledge
    -Water Pulse

    Scatters things often
    -Fury Cutter
    -Bug Buzz

    Arcanine Lv. 28
    Loves to eat
    -Flame Wheel

    Excadrill Lv. 31
    Loves to eat
    -Hone Claws
    -Horn Drill

    Yay, that's finally out of the way! Back to the exciting adventure, woohoo!

    While exploring the beautiful Route 6, I encountered a few trainer battles that raised my party some experience. Still looking for something nice to catch here! Well I found a pokeba-... nope, it's a Foongus. Crobat, use fly! Well, that was a short battle. As I take my bicycle across the bridge, I see a familiar face up ahead! It's Cheren! With urgency, he leads me into a lab.

    Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot! Plot!

    So apparently, random temperature drops have been recorded in various towns of Unova. After receiving the wonderful gift of Surf to explore this strange happening, he sends me on my way. Just before leaving, a kind scientist gave me a great present! A Lv. 30 Deerling!

    *Deerling, the Season Pokemon. Their coloring changes according to the season and can be slightly affected by the temperature and humidity as well.*

    I've always wanted a Sawsbuck, so I might use Deerling eventually. So many cool Pokemon!

    Pfft, Schoolkid Allen stood no chance against my mighty Arcanine!

    Dammit, another surprise Foongus; I should've expected that.

    Cool, this Parasol lady has a Castform. Castform, prepare to become Arcanine food (or Exp.)!

    Anyways, let's continue. So I go to cross another bridge and ZOMG COBALION!

    Aaaaaaaaaand he's gone.

    Rood and some old dude tell me to catch it. Well, yeah! He's legendary, dude. I continue northeast to a familiar house to rest for the night, marking the end of this entry!


    -Dewott: Water Pulse ---> Surf
    -Excadrill replaced with Lv. 30 Deerling
    -Arcanine Lv. 29
    -Crobat Lv. 29
    In Brock Obama We Trust.