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    Originally Posted by TimmyB5286 View Post
    I joined this site to be able to comment! First, I must say great hack! I have been playing for about 2 weeks. Took a minute to get to work on my Xperia Play.

    Now, I did find something odd. The egg I got from the Meteor Site had a Pichu in it, without Volt Tackle. When I went to Berry Forrest to get Lostelle, I saw the Celebi mirage, then when I went around the corner, the egg was there. Took a long time to hatch, and when it did, Jirachi popped out...
    I have yet to beat the Elite Four, in fact, I haven't went through Victory Road, still leveling up before hand.

    Again, great game! I even downloaded it on a friends computer to get him to play along.
    holy crap thats weird... i think i know why people are finding the egg without fighting celebi... and you should still be able to fight celebi after fighting the e4... but i have no idea why jirachi popped out... thats nutty... oh well lol enjoy your jirachi...

    in theory after you beat celebi you should have another shot at getting pichu with volt tackle... after beating the e4... if not... let me know...

    I did not write the script for making the egg... altho i did write the celebi...

    and im very glad you are enjoying the hack