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When Jelli starts talking bout "banning" Derk, this what happens:

[09:20:25] @Mιchοnne: everyone came to see the banning of PS's worst uder
[09:20:35] @Mιchοnne: meteorstar
[09:20:35] @Huehueteotl: you
[09:20:35] @Huehueteotl: oh
[09:20:35] @Huehueteotl: damn
[09:20:37] @Mιchοnne: *user
[09:20:42] Lady Gunner: TWK?
[09:20:45] @Mιchοnne: n
[09:20:50] Shadow Lugia: huh?
[09:20:51] @Mιchοnne: user: Meteorstar
[09:20:55] Shadow Lugia: what happened
[09:21:02] Shadow Lugia: we're banning derk?
[09:21:03] Shadow Lugia: why
[09:21:08] @Meteorstar: if I'm the worst user why am i mod
[09:21:08] @Mιchοnne: why not?
[09:21:14] @Meteorstar: damn michonne you are such an idiot
[09:21:15] @Meteorstar: use some <censored> logic
[09:21:20] Lady Gunner: xD
[09:21:24] @Mιchοnne: <censored> off
[09:21:25] Shadow Lugia: I don't want derk banned :(
[09:21:25] Lady Gunner: burn
[09:21:25] @Huehueteotl: i'm the best aztec god
[09:21:26] @Mιchοnne: :'(
[09:21:27] @Huehueteotl: huehue
[09:21:31] Lady Gunner: jaja
[09:21:37] Shadow Lugia: hahehahe.
[09:22:15] Lady Gunner: i want slate banned but we cant have nice things jelli!
[09:22:33] @Mιchοnne: lol
Banebyte joined
[09:22:33] @Mιchοnne: LOL
[09:22:37] Banebyte: da<censored> you on about gunner
[09:22:37] @Mιchοnne: hi slate
[09:22:40] Shadow Lugia: wow
[09:22:42] Shadow Lugia: good timing.
[09:22:50] Lady Gunner: o~o
[09:22:52] Lady Gunner: xD
[09:23:29] Lady Gunner: herro slate
[09:23:33] Banebyte: herro gunner
[09:23:50] Lady Gunner: jelli made me said those btw :33
[09:24:09] Banebyte: jelli please dont contaminate the minds of my fellow people with your jellifish talk
[09:24:14] +Dark Azelf: lol
[09:24:18] Banebyte: *jellyfish
[09:24:26] Lady Gunner: xD
[09:24:52] Lady Gunner: postcapping this brb

jellicentfan1 as Michonne, Twilight Sky as Meteorstar, Aurora. as Huehueteotl, Lady Gunner as herself, Classic Sonic as Shadow Lugia, DaydreamsAway as Banebyte (aka Slate), with special participation from DA as himself, and a special mention to TWK ;)