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    ~*Project Flux*~


    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I am Khaz, or Tide - I am perfectly okay with being addressed as either. I started hacking relatively around three years ago, and I’ve improved my skills substantially over time.

    Every now and then, as I’d sit down thinking of story ideas - an excellent pokemon concept/story idea would rush into my mind. I would write it down, and then add onto it until it became about a five page overview of what I had decided to be a hack. This has happened numerous times, but only twice have I actually gone through to attempt the hacking itself, only to encounter how overwhelming hacking by yourself really is.

    For once, I have decided to reach out and put a team together. While I see myself as sort of a leader of this project, I will do my best to make sure all the team members are included - that means everyone has a say in the story, the looks, everything. I would like to be able to create a fun hacking environment that will lead us as a group to create a hack we are all proud of.

    During conflicts with ideas, I believe it is essential to talk about it, and meet a compromise that is not only beneficial to everyone in the team, but beneficial to the hack as well. I believe a finished, complete hack should be nothing except perfection. No grammatical errors, as few bugs as possible (even though it can be inevitable), an extremely engaging story that almost branches out through the dimension of the player’s emotions - everything.

    My goal is to accomplish a hack that has the potential to become legendary, and honestly - I can’t do it alone. I hope that all of you who read this take my request into consideration; let’s make a great hack! :D

    Pokemon Rippled Version

    The player will follow the traditional pokemon game set-up; eight badges, elite four, etc. (I’m considering making the Pokedex a useful tool for identifying pokemon, rather than being an objective.) You and your friend Ravi (if you get this reference, we’ll be friends for life.) pursue the ideals that trainer-life offers in hopes that you will become pokemon masters.

    Along the way, the player will encounter Team Utopia (Utopia (noun): any real or imaginary society, place, state, etc, considered to be perfect or ideal); a team that hates people and pokemon alike, and feel that the world would be under better conditions as a whole under their control. Here’s the thing, unlike the other teams of past games, nobody has ever heard of Team Utopia. That being said, they invade all of the regions (including Hoenn, Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh, Unova, etc.), taking them by surprise - and successfully taking over those places rather skillfully. With the fundamentals and technology the Utopia has access to, they are able to capture legendaries. (I haven’t decided if they’ll control their minds to do their bidding, or if they’ll simply drain their power.)

    However, some legendaries have escaped their regions - as even their powers seem to not be enough to save their homelands. In the region of the hack, Team Utopia has progressed much more slowly in comparison to the other regions, which is why the legendaries have flocked to that area. The player is the only one who can save the world; the only one who can take down Team Utopia.

    As far as an overall story-line, that’s about as much as I have in mind so far. I have a few ideas here and there that pertain more to the game-play.

    Current Members

    Khaz (Tide) - Leader/Founder; Mapper; Scripter
    Leon (leonissenbaum) - Beta/Alpha Tester
    Blue (BlueEon) - Spriter
    Solid (Solid_Sphere) - Co-Leader; Main Scripter
    SoulRyu (soulryu) - Tile Inserter; Mapper
    Patrick (Patrick Symus - Scripter; Resource
    Jaizu (No PC Account) - Tile Inserter

    Searching For

    Scripter: This isn't needed as bad as the other two skills, but it would definitely benefit. Those who wish to apply in this field will have to meet a higher standard/criteria. I will expect that you are exceptionally talented in the scripting field, and have particularly good English. However, if your English is lacking, that is okay; I would just like you to send me every script you make before you insert it into the ROM. (It seems crazy, I know.) One of the things I hate the most is when an officially completed hack has grammatical and spelling errors. I absolutely do not want to have those language errors in this hack.

    Tile Inserter: This is a very well-needed skill. I find it essential that a hack has engaging graphics that differentiate from the original ROM itself. It would also be excellent if the tile inserter could also design tiles (3rd gen style), but that isn't mandatory. I will expect that you simply can insert tiles, and you may map as well if you would like.

    Spriter(s): The amount of spriters needed will be dictated by the talent-level of them as they apply. If one absolutely skilled spriter applies, that may be all I need. I will expect that you can sprite, obviously. I have quite a few ideas in terms of characters, and it would be extremely helpful if I would be able to give you a detailed description and you would be able to sprite it. In that context, I am mainly referring to trainer sprites. I am contemplating whether the hack will include fakemon; if it does, it’ll be very limited. That being said, the higher the talent-level of the applicant, the less spriters that’ll be necessary. It’ll range as low as one spriter, and as high as three.

    Edit: As of now, there's 1 sprite position left.

    *Note: If you would like to apply for a position that is not listed, you are welcome to - just know that you will be held to quite a high standard; you must really “bring something to the table.”


    Name: What would you like to be called?
    Contact: Skype, E-mail, etc.?
    Timezone/Country: Either of them, or both, will do.
    Skills: Self-explanatory
    Proof of Work: Self-explanatory
    Please post your applications below. ^_^

    By applying, you are confirming that your soul is property of Project Flux for all eternity.