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    Official Development Kit Statement:
    I'm putting development of the DevKit on Hiatus for the time being. Reasoning is simple enough - Faith & Prayer Version and the DevKit are being developed separately. If I was to make any changes to Faith & Prayer Version, which is getting active work, I'd have to apply the same changes to the DevKit, and continuously update it. I'd much rather release a version of the DevKit that I know will be stable for everyone using it, and I'll only know that once I've made it further on Faith & Prayer's development.
    In summarisation, Please do not download the Touhoumon Essentials Development Kit for the time being, unless you're willing to put up with a few critical bugs and attempt to fix them yourself.
    Development Blog:
    For more information future news and updates to any projects, the following blogs are where I post information. You can usually hit me with a message there when it comes to bug reports or feedback, or general conversation about something.
    Game Projects:
    In Progress:
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