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    Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
    The anime's started imposing a 4-move limit for some reason so yeah, Pika did forget. I dislike this, but you know. And I don't think Zebstrika knew more than four at a time- you can't add moves over multiple appearances.

    Merging with simple help.
    stephan's zebstrika has been talked about having flame charge and thunderbolt in Curtain Up, Unova League! and used double-edge, giga impact, and facade at least in the same episode

    Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
    I also liked Volt Tackle as well. But seeing the fact that they started implementing a 4 moves per pokemon, Volt Tackle disappeared. But Electro Ball is a decent move and Pikachu helped Ash win many battles with it... You know what happened with it in Unova's Survival Crises episode....
    yeah but the only reason that happened is because pikachu absorbed thunderus's energy prior to that elecroball
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