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Whooo I haven't watched any episodes in ages. I quite like the Johto era and Aerodactyl and Gary and Anna, so I'll give this a whirl. C:

My thoughts while watching
- Oak is buying chocolates for Ash's mom, hmm.
- Tracey how do u draw that fast wat.
- This background music track is actually kind of scary... Aerodactyl's cry, not so much. I can already tell it's quite young.
- So they revived it! That's actually impressive... Although the research behind reviving extinct species was around in the Pokemon world since RBY, we still are quite mediocre at it. :o
- "Plain old grandpa!" haha Oak looks like he's on vacation.
- How does a little girl have so many Pokemon friends? She has no badges, so they shouldn't listen to her, bah! :P
- Butch and Cassidy fell on their bums lol. :)
- Gary only wanted to be the best for his grandpa ;_; I really like how Gary's expression perked up when they brought up Ash. n_n While the humans are talking, the Pokemon are looking for that wild Aerodactyl, hmm. Very farfetched stuff right there. :B
- Tracey is lucky to be alive after that little stunt, haha.
- Aw yeah watching Umbreon in the anime! How surreal. <3
- Waaaaat she has an Ivysaur... she looks like she's 7 lol. WAT SOLARBEAM
- "totally flipped out" aaa. Well, I do like how they briefly describe how to effectively tame the Aerodactyl.
- There are a ton of Kanto Pokemon in this episode... :D
- Don't every extend your hand out to a wild and prehistoric animal, kids. D:
- Ancient creatures are really cool - like grandpas! haha this joke was good.

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