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uehehehe adultshipping

- this theme omg im dead
- oak is buying treats for delia awww
- the voice acting is so rushed in this ep
- tracey your sketching skills are out of control
- i like the boat driver
- i really like oak
- gary has def gotten more annoying
- i dislike Dara
- the BGM is so off omg
- reminiscent of mewtwo innit
- kiddy kid
- just a grandpa?
- i like the little one better than the big one
- rlly why do all these pokemon like her
- butch and cassidy tho haha
- bc calling for it will make it come out
- omg gary bby ;;
- perks right up at mentions of ash
- palletshipping woop woop
- sneaky sneaky
- they so short omg
- tracey no D:
- srs why do they LISTEN??
- oh my tracey looked attractive when he jumped
- gary's always attractive
- except when the animators dgaf and decide he's like a foot shorter than oak
- she's a powerful lil girl aint she
- this is a massive island actually
- look how short gary is
- animators dgaf
- oak is a gilf
- i mean what
- i wonder if gary's dad is hot
- preach to the pokemon that prolly dont understand u
- i missed a few minutes here because my mom came home hilariously drunk and was laughing at herself and it was really funny
- aw gary's got himself a career <3
- tracey and oak are pretty attractive yo

I liked this one! Well I didn't like the girl CotDs and Gary's voice irked me and the little girlie was like some sort of Pokémon queen and they did a dumb when handling Aerodactyl but I love Oak and Tracey and I adored seeing the side of Gary that really doesn't have his crap together and is still just a kid really. <3

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