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Finally posting the first update from my Ruby run! Not much has been done though. I've been busy recently with exams and revising. :/

RUBY TCG CHALLLENGE (2-Player Starter Deck) Update #1:
- Chose Cyndaquil as my starter.
- Did all the story stuff until I recieved my first et of Pokéballs from May.
- Hacked in and caught a level 3 Charmander.
- Helped the Devon Worker.
- Charmander got to level 16, and evolved into Charmeleon, while fighting the trainers in - Rustboro Gym.
- Roxanne easily defeated my Charmeleon, so I went and trained him up to level 20.
- Using a couple of Super Potions, Charmeleon was barely able to defeat Roxanne.
- Got the Devon Goods back.
- Sailed with Mr. Briney to Dewford.
- Defeated Brawly with ease. Charmeleon now level 22.
- Delivered the letter to Steven.
- Sailed off to Slateport.
- Gave the Goods to Capt. Stern.
- Defeated May in Route 110 with my level 28 Charmeleon.
- Easily defeated Watson with my level 31 Charmeleon.
- Caught a level 15 Machop in Route 112.
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