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    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post

    Anyway I have a quick question, yes.

    I was really curious about this a few days back:
    Expanding the ROM.

    See, the thing is, the last offset available is 0xFFFFFF. This takes six digits, so adding 08 makes eight digits (four bytes), which is the standard pointer size. Like so:

    FF FF FF 08
    That's pointing towards 0x08FFFFFF or just 0xFFFFFF, right?

    Now I expand the ROM. I make it 32 MB. So, what happens is that new offsets like 0x1000000 emerge. These have SEVEN or EIGHT digits. But adding 08 makes a ten. And that doesn't fit into a pointer, or does it? I don't know, that's why I put it up here.
    Oh I asked that before! Here take a look at this. I asked it here at page 1004 or 1003. Jambo51 answered. Here is his answer when I asked this.

    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    FR doesn't matter in this case, a pointer to expanded ROM is the exact same as a pointer to the normal ROM. You just take the address and add 0x8000000 to it. So if your address is 0x1250000, the pointer to it is 0x1250000 + 0x8000000 -> 0x9250000 -> 00 00 25 09
    Originally Posted by Ksiazek Bartlomiej View Post
    Also I found POSITRON WORLD MAP editor. Someone know how to add by this Extra Town Map? I do not understand Spanish.
    Yeah? Well, me too. That's why I dropped that tool. But if you really want that, there's a .docx file included with the package which is actually a manual. You can use Google Translate to translate that to whatever is your Mother Tongue.

    Well, from what I know you really can't achieve that without ASM so if I were you, I'd be creative and compress the two in one picture. If you don't have the enough resources, be resourceful, be imaginative and be creative. There's lots of way to do one thing, you just have to open your eyes!