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Originally Posted by cheezburgur5793 View Post
Hello everyone I am cheezburgur (if no one noticed yet my name is taken from and i am new to the website and so i went to the new users section
I actually visit the Pokememes section of that site because I love jokes and humor, so I guess we might get along well if you're that kind of person. But anyways, welcome to PC Cheezburgur!

I'm glad you joined, and don't worry if you feel scared at first. I was once like you around two years ago, but since then I made new friends and even became a PC Supporter (aka those members with green italic names you may have seen floating around) and got cool new features and everything. Is there any particular part of PC you like? We have a lot of sections so I'm sure something may have caught your eye.

Well, have fun and remember to contact me or a moderator if you ever need a little help. I do hope to see you around the forums!
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