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    Originally Posted by ProjectMisfit View Post
    I'd like to join. :3 I saw this thread yesterday and fell in love with it. I am a strong believer in equal rights, as well as joined the It gets better project a few years ago. People can be kinda harsh when it comes to this sort of thing. Sorry for the short message, but I'm not good at introductions xD
    Hello! That's cool that you were part of the It Gets Better project. Do you mind telling us your gender and/or orientation? (seems to be kind of traditional to start things off that way, haha ) If there's no label that suits you, feel free to just describe yourself as best you can

    Originally Posted by FenrirDarkWolf View Post
    This is how the second break-up went.
    [2:30:27 AM] Fenrir: [1:41:13 AM] Leon carrot cat: hi
    [1:41:38 AM] Fenrir: Hi
    [1:41:55 AM] Leon carrot cat: :iyou have to say h first from now on :I
    [1:42:06 AM] Fenrir: Okay. Why is that?
    [1:43:45 AM] Leon carrot cat: cuzi feel ****ing special ._.
    [1:44:26 AM] Fenrir: Hm?
    [1:46:37 AM] Leon carrot cat: ._>
    [1:46:49 AM] Fenrir: Umm...
    [1:46:59 AM] Fenrir: I'm still highly confused...
    [1:51:22 AM] Leon carrot cat: You have to say "Hi" to me first ._.
    [1:51:33 AM] Leon carrot cat: weh i or you code offline
    [1:52:03 AM] Fenrir: I understood that...
    Why do you feel special?
    [1:52:32 AM] Leon carrot cat: cuz
    [1:52:38 AM] Leon carrot cat: ifeel loved
    [1:52:46 AM] Fenrir: Mhmm...
    [1:53:18 AM] Leon carrot cat: >:I
    [1:53:28 AM] Leon carrot cat: you dont love me?
    [1:53:37 AM] Fenrir: I love you.
    [1:53:49 AM] Leon carrot cat: <_: |
    [2:00:54 AM] Fenrir: I still want to be friends Leon. I'll still draw the art I promised you. I don't want to lose your friendship Leon.
    [2:01:45 AM] Leon carrot cat: Nope
    [2:01:58 AM] Fenrir: ....Leon...
    [2:02:01 AM] Leon carrot cat: but hey thats what i get for adding someone i dont know
    [2:02:05 AM] Fenrir: Leon, I'm sorry.
    [2:02:32 AM] Fenrir: You know I didn't want to hurt you...
    [2:02:53 AM] Leon carrot cat: well ya did
    [2:03:09 AM] Fenrir: I'm sorry I did...
    I never mean to hurt anyone...
    [2:03:31 AM] Fenrir: I still want to be friends Leon...
    [202 AM] Leon carrot cat: piss off you cant just say you love somone then pull that shhit just because they said "**** off" all cuz you made him mad ;I
    [226 AM] Fenrir: ...Leon...
    [215 AM] Leon carrot cat: T_T what
    [207 AM] Fenrir: I'm sorry I did what I did. I shouldn't have led you on. I only hope you can forgive me.
    [225 AM] Leon carrot cat: Forgive you
    [239 AM] Leon carrot cat: thats the las t thing i'll do in 67 years
    [202 AM] Fenrir: ...Okay...
    [217 AM] Leon carrot cat: scratch that 67 year part
    [220 AM] Leon carrot cat: I WILL NEVER
    [226 AM] Leon carrot cat: forgive you
    [249 AM] Fenrir: ...Okay. I can respect that desicion.

    And you know what?
    I. Feel. Great.
    Sorry to be blunt, but I gotta say, from where I'm standing... Leon's kind of being an ass, and extremely immature. You admitted you were wrong, you tried to apologize, and he shot you down. If one of my friends behaved like that, well... I'd be the one letting them come back to me, not the other way around. People who handle disagreements and misunderstandings like that just aren't worth the frustration.