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    Originally Posted by Inkblots View Post
    Sorry to be blunt, but I gotta say, from where I'm standing... Leon's kind of being an ass, and extremely immature. You admitted you were wrong, you tried to apologize, and he shot you down. If one of my friends behaved like that, well... I'd be the one letting them come back to me, not the other way around. People who handle disagreements and misunderstandings like that just aren't worth the frustration.
    Oh no, that's fine. That's what a lot of my friends told me too.
    Now I'm just like, whatevs, I still respect him as an artist and a person and stuff and if he can't do the same back at the very least, then that's his problem, not mine.

    And the reason I feel great, is because I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
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