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    Still looking for people to help me with testing and post story stuff. If you can't get the game to work for you, you can still help by giving feedback on how the story would be played in the game. I'll be putting it on a google doc and putting a link on the thread so people can comment on it without having to download a file.

    Please though, I can't test the game without help and I don't want to do everything on the post story just to have people think it's a bad idea (which will happen anyway but I'd like other people's input anyway). I can't really work on anything but graphics and TMs for this until I get help.

    Current beta goes all the way to level 55 arenas, so it's basically a full game... I just have to add in the story line... which is my problem area. I'll make a list of what I can do for this game without needing other people's help, but unless I can get a lot of additions it won't go to 4.1 or 5.0 without help. I'd also appreciate if people could add in their comments to this thread (as long as it follows site rules) so I don't have to keep the thread alive.

    EDIT: Here's the link to the document with the story, warning it does contain spoilers as it is the guide for how the player will work through the story. Please don't copy, screenshot, or distrubute it (except the link to the document itself) as I will be removing it once I release the beta. I want people to be able to figure it out and I know if there's a guide for a game, I'll use it instead of my brain. ._. This is for the feedback and brainstorming part before I release it to everyone, so I AM looking for comments on it or post them here.
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