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    I was musing on the DLC of Hoenn idea. What would people think if they had DLC and provided part of Hoenn in it, but mainly as a trolling teaser, whereby the future (yet to be announced) remake will - upon first being played in the same 3DS - will activate the entire area as a bonus in X/Y? That way, people with the remake can also explore all of Hoenn in X/Y as well.

    Of course, I presume this would become a free DLC to those who register the game and the DLC would be available only then for existing X/Y games. This could apply to any remake as well and allow one to easily catch that generation's Pokémon in the newest generation without us having to go back to, say, the GBA to import three times to the newest generation.

    It wouldn't be a connection; more like a ticket system. After the new region is added, a character shows up near the access point (a boat terminal, let's say) and automatically stops you telling you there is a new destination available and, hey, would you like a ticket to travel there? They can do something to make it interesting in X/Y such as super-difficult Gyms and an even more difficult E4, with possibly leveling of their teams to match you (and vice-versa) so that both opponents have, say, Lv.80 Pokémon. The whole thing can be introduced by a Xtransceiver-esque phone call.

    It would be cool to later have an entire region added somehow like this! Thoughts?

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