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    You want to talk about good luck with shinies? Ive recently been playing pokemon X D gale of darkness and thought to myself, why not EV train some of my UT purified shadow pokemon on emerald version? Well, I did and specifically in attack for my scizor I evolved from the shadow scyther. Lo and behold, after around twenty encounters, up pops a shiny mightyena. I was like, wow nice, that's a shiny I don't have yet. Awesome! So I continue training and a few more encounters later, a freaking shiny poochyena comes around. I could not believe my eyes. I thought maybe I had a shiny frame or whatever because of emeralds broken RNG. I went and checked the natures of both my shinies after I cought 'em, and they were completely different. The pooch was adamant and the mighty was hardy or something.

    But the luck didn't stop there.....I yet again go out to continue training the scizor and about an hour later (mind you I don't have pokerus on that game, so EV training takes forever), a shiny oddish appears. I was speechless. Completely and utterly speechless. Suffice to say, I was just extremely lucky, but three shinies in a figurative row? I'll take that any day. It hasn't happened since, even though I've probably been through thousands of encounters since.

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