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    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    oooohhh yeah :D i won't be bored anymore :D i like playing a lot of hacked Pokemon games but DE is the best even if it's just a GBC rom , it's still the coolest game (FOR ME ) Job well done sir !! i'm so excited to play :D
    Thanks! I truly like how this hack has turned out as well. Wouldn't have imagined doing anything like I'm doing right now, especially not two years ago.

    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    P.S. Is the gaming level difficult? XD hehe coz i'm not so patient at raising 6 Pokemon all at once XD
    The hack is actually a bit easier than what beta 3.1 was. I haven't changed the wild/trainers' pokemon of the gameplay of beta 3, so you don't have to train more than you did with beta 3. However, now that battle simulators have been added to the hack, you don't have to "bush grind" either (making it take way less time to gain levels when needed).

    Beside that, after reaching Milky Village or so, beta 3 was pretty easy too. And the hack will continue the way it ended in beta 3 - making it possible to go on an on without having to "prepare" for any upcoming boss fight.

    Finishing some sidequests does require lot of additional grinding though. But that's just because I have added several sidequests in the hack that would be pointless to finish so early in the game if you were playing a complete version of the hack instead. So they're pretty much "add-ons" that shouldn't really be finished yet at that point of the game.
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