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 Sorry I kinda rushed it but I think I'll meet the standards. 

Name -  Gene Johnston

Age -  16

Personality - Gene is probably the most secretive person on the face of the earth. He lets no one know any truth about himself, no matter who nor why, but Gene is very outgoing and always willing to make new friends. Although he always makes makes new aliases to fit into his environment or to make him fit into a group (which sometimes gets out of hand). Most of the time he's very friendly and helpful, but if his position calls for him to be mean and aggressive he can act so perfectly. 

History - Gene was born in the grand city of Goldenrod. When he was little his best and only friend was the famous copycat girl. They where quite the pair Copycat with her ability to look like whoever she chose, and Gene to act like whoever he chose. They where best friends till Pokemon battles where banned, as well as Pokemon schools. Gene's parents had him shipped off to Olivine city where he learned technical engineering building trades. He secretly keeps the Pokemon he had collected and cherished during  his childhood. At the age of 16 Gene ran away from Olivine to try and return to the Goldenrod. After returning to Goldenrod he found that things had changes since  he had last been there. He later learned that his life long partner had been locked away, for not giving up her Pokemon. In a fit of rage Gene ran into an alleyway and punched the side of a building. A dark looming character came from behind a dumpster and handed Gene an envelope and then disappeared back into the shadows. After carefully reading here letter Gene formed a plan that would both save his love for Pokemon and his life long partner. He would have to win the Pokemon tournament.

Description - Gene is very small for his age he is only 4' 11'' and weighs 99 pounds. He is very skinny and very pale. If you didn't know him you'd think he'd be very fragile, But he can take a hit. He has metallic-silver coloured eyes and his nose almost bends back into his face. Gene refuses to wear anything other than blue jeans, and he always wears one of his favorite pokeball t-shirts and his black and grey     
jacket which on the big side, so it almost looks like a hooded cape. He also wears a backpack containing his personal possessions: his wallet (containing his bank/debut card and some money), 3 of his pokemon (maxwell  stays out of the pokeball at all times.), an ID card that can change. (he build it with his technological knowhow, It can change names, picture and just about everything on it. It has special touch farmilar settings on it so only he can change it. Besides that he'll store food or whatever objects he thinks he needs.


Pkmn 1 species -Sableye
Pkmn 1 nickname - Maxwell
Pkmn 1 moveset - Moonlight, dig, shadow sneak, and Ice punch

Pkmn 2 species - Porygon
Pkmn 2 nickname - Test 1.2.5 'Tec'
Pkmn 2 moveset - Discharge, Blizzard, Recover, and Double team.

Pkmn 3 species - Machoke
Pkmn 3 nickname - Big Mac 'Mac'
Pkmn 3 moveset - Crosschop, Stone tomb, Earthquake, Vital throw 

Pkmn 4 species - Charzard (stays hidden in back pack) 
Pkmn 4 nickname - Charcoal 
Pkmn 4 moveset - Fly, Flamethrower, Outrage, and Iron tail

Note: yes I know the Copycat girl from the anime/Game would be dead by this time and doesn't live in goldenrod but let's just say it the Copycats great great great ect. granddaughter.
It's ok if I use Machoke, I know he's a second stage and More of a fighter than a pet.