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    CHROME: Pichu, use Thundershock!

    In a matter of moments, the battle shifted from being Pichu and Shifter against Staryu to Pichu and Shifter against Staryu, Haunter and Cubone.

    Outnumbered, Chrome and Marie wanted to call out another one of their Pokemon. However, Chrome felt like he wouldn't be able to keep up with two Pokemon at once and Marie was likely in the same boat.

    Haunter deflected the Thundershock from his team with Protect. Cubone would follow up with a Bonemerang to Pichu until it was blocked by Shifter. The battle was fast-paced. For Pichu, keeping up wouldn't be a problem. He slipped pass Shifter and charged at his opponent, setting up for his next move.

    CHROME: Pichu, Tackle!

    Pichu targeted Haunter and charged at full speed.

    GRUNT #2: Using Tackle against a Haunter, huh? You know nothing about Ghost Pokemon, it seems.

    Actually, Ghost Pokemon was something that Chrome was fairly knowledgeable on. Even if he didn't keep up with Ghost Pokemon, he never read a ghost story where they weren't intangible.

    Pichu dashed through the Haunter and ran into the Staryu that he previously protected. The impact and force would knock Staryu back, cracking his core.

    GRUNT #2: What?!?!

    GRUNT #1: Hmph, not bad kid.

    GRUNT #2: Haunter, what are you waiting for, Lick this Pichu!

    Chrome had no idea that he meant that literally. Rebounding from the slight recoil of tackling Staryu, Pichu found himself being licked by a Ghost. To say the least, it left the scrappy little mouse paralyzed with fear.

    GRUNT #3: Cubone, use Rock Throw now!

    Cubone grabbed the nearest of lab equipment and chucked it at the distracted Pichu. Just before it hit, Marie had Shifter jump in front of the move, blocking for Pichu yet again.

    It didn't take long for Chrome to assess things after that. The strategy for the thugs was to make Haunter the center. He was their main attacking force and their defense in these last few moves. Chrome and Marie meanwhile came off as one-trick ponies. Whereas Chrome instituted an attack-first strategy, Marie found herself purely on the defensive. Since the beginning, Shifter did nothing more than protect Chrome and Pichu.

    At this rate, Chrome and Marie would end up losing. It seemed like Grunt #1 knew that. He remained calm and collected during the battle because their strategy was airtight. Even if Haunter was beaten, Cubone and Staryu would likely have no problem holding their own against Shifter and Pichu with this strategy.

    GRUNT #1: Staryu, use Recover!

    Oh, and Staryu could also actively heal himself while in battle.

    Chrome quickly consulted the Pokedex for help in this situation. Cubone, the Rock/Ground type, Staryu, the Water/Psychic type and Haunter the Ghost type. From what Chrome remembered, Rock-types were weak to Grass-types. Likewise, it was common knowledge that water conducts electricity. So, Chrome and Marie had the tools to actually defeat those two Pokemon. Unfortunately, Haunter stood in the way of making that possible with a move like Protect.

    In the matter of a minute, Chrome had his strategy reworked. It seems that the priority was Haunter. Now, he just had to find a way to communicate that to Marie. Her and Shifter had an advantage, they weren't weak to any of the Pokemon. They were actually resistant.

    CHROME: Marie, stop guarding.

    MARIE: What? Why?

    CHROME: Pichu and I can handle ourselves.

    MARIE: It sure didn't seem like it!

    CHROME: Don't worry about it! We need you to attack!

    Marie remained silent. After staring at Chrome, she gave a silent nod. Hopefully, that meant she knew what the strategy was.

    CHROME: Pichu, Thundershock!

    GRUNT #2: Haunter, Protect.

    The result repeated.

    MARIE: Shifter, Razor Leaf, let's go!

    The attack followed too closely behind Pichu's Thundershock. Haunter couldn't use Protect in rapid succession, neither could the Grunt call it out fast enough. Instead, Haunter opted to move out of the way.

    It wasn't the best decision to make when you're dead smack in front of your teammates. Cubone caught the full brunt of the move, knocking him to the

    wall, similar to the way Staryu did Cyndaquil.

    GRUNT #3: What the hell, Johnny?

    GRUNT #2: We need Haunter! He had to do it!

    GRUNT #1: Staryu, Water Gun!

    The Water Gun once again had minimal effect against Shifter. Grunt #1 almost seemed . . . surprised.

    It looked like Chrome was the only one in the room with enough knowledge about type advantages and disadvantages. Maybe the Pokedex served a better benefit than he gave it credit for.

    To add, he was right about the Haunter. It was the most effective tool and the most prized possession. Because of that, Haunter became a tractor beam for Marie and Chrome's attention. And now, they knew that he couldn't use Protect fast enough to stop both attacks.

    GRUNT #1: Staryu, Rapid Spin!

    Chrome saw the starfish Pokemon twirling at an alarming rate. His launch was almost too fast for the eye to see as he rammed himself into Shifter at full force. Shifter stood ground, but from his facial expression, it was more than evident that the attack did its damage. Shifter stumbled backwards before standing upright again.

    GRUNT #3: Cubone, Bonemerang!

    Again, it was another shot at Shifter. The scare that he gave them earlier became a clear signal that he should be the first to be eliminated. The Bonemerang knocked Shifter back a little more. He couldn't take more of this and be left standing. And as things stood, all of Marie's other Pokemon would be no more of a help than he was. If they were going to win the battle, Chrome would have to think of something fast.

    Suddenly, he felt a jolt go down his spine. Pichu stood at his Chrome's foot, looking at him with an electric passion. Pichu was ready to eliminate Haunter from the equation. Chrome hadn't the slightest clue what he was planning, but he learned that it was easier to trust Pichu than object.

    Pichu jumped back into the battle, zapping away another Bonemerang before it could reach Shifter.

    MARIE: Alright Shifter, another Razor Leaf!

    GRUNT #2: Haunter, Protect!

    Another protected move. This time, Shifter made the first move, so they figured to expect the least with a partial paralyzed Pichu making a move.

    Pichu gathered energy in his tail and flung from it a ball of electricity. The move was much faster than Haunter anticipated and his attempt to dodge failed.

    Chrome's Pokedex beeped loudly. checking it, he saw the name of the move was Shock Wave. Pichu learned something new. Good timing.

    Haunter fell to the ground, completely passed out. It left Cubone and Staryu wide open.

    MARIE: Shifter, Bullet Seed!

    Marie was quick to act on the advantage. The flurry of seeds proved to be too much for the already hurt Cubone. He quickly joined Haunter on the floor.

    Staryu started it and it seems he would end it. Grunt #1 wasn't particularly happy with the standoff, to say the least. The other two grunts stood in shock over their losses.

    GRUNT #1: Staryu . . . uh . . . do something!

    It was a bit embarrassing to watch. The Staryu stood confused without being given a proper command. He was a fish out of water. It made him a sitting target for Pichu's Thundershock.

    And like that, the battle was over. All three of the Grunts' pokemon were soundly defeated. Marie let out a sigh of relief knowing she saved Shifter.

    She then smiled at Chrome. He smiled back.

    Suddenly, Grunt #1 let out a meticulous laugh.

    GRUNT #1: Heh . . . heh heh . . . HAHAHAHAHA! What do you think this means, huh?!?! You think you've beaten us? There's not much stopping us from simply taking that Pokemon by force!

    The grunt picked up Prof. Elm and held him in a choke-hold.

    GRUNT #1: I'd like to see your Pokemon hit me with a Thundershock! Do it! I dare you!

    Chrome was stuck. He couldn't risk harming Prof. Elm.

    GRUNT# 1: Just what I thought. You're not gonna stop us.

    ????: No, I think that's our job.

    The grunts had no time to react before seeing their de facto leader tossed out of the door.

    ????: Inspector Jen, Zetsuna Police! You three are under arrest.

    GRUNT #2: How did you know we were here?

    ELM: [rising from the ground; holding his cell phone] I told them. I had plenty of time to make a call while you three were preoccupied with the trainers.

    JEN: We've got it from here kids!

    Inspector Jen let off a smile and a wink.

    Chrome figured that it was safe to say they won.
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