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Originally Posted by WooliestSteam1 View Post
Sorry I'm a bit lost here, how come your taking control over 'Haru' Elite?

Hopefully that didn't sound rude, just a bit curious that's all. :)
Not rude at all, see, hereto announced his leaving for three weeks on a vacation in the discussion thread a while ago. I decided to ask him what he would do about his Fire Emblem: Re-Awakening character, seeing how the group of that RP is small and requires everyone moving along when it actually begins, and also about Haru, who was in the middle of interaction with Holly Amarosa and Kayla [surname-I-can't-pronounce...Hakunamatata or something]. I suggested he could either let the GMs know so that they could save his spot, and alternatively offered to move Haru along during his absence, he agreed on the latter.

Although first I had to consult with the GMs of PTA and FE to see if would agree on this. They both did. And so, here I am, doing a lame interpretation of Haru xD

And they all lived happily ever after o3o

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