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    Nah, they're still single-typed. If they were multiple types, the type symbol would be different (or there would be a note elsewhere on the card saying "This Pokémon is GLRW-type"). I mainly recolored the template so it would work better with the artwork as well as to give off a "different kind of card" look.

    I've played around with a lot of glitches, but few of them would actually inspire me to make a fake based on them. One of my favorites was a glitch Pokémon in Red Version that shared the same Pokédex number as Ho-oh. Its cry was the same sound as "Sing," which I thought was funny, since Ho-oh was based on a phoenix, sometimes referred to as a song bird. Also, I declare I could sometimes see a bird-like head in that glitchy block of a back sprite. It was terrible at battling, however, and its Super-Effective attacks never registered right. I taught it Pay Day, which was somehow Super-Effective against Pidgey.

    I agree with you on the first one. That's one of the reasons I didn't like it and decided to make the updated version.

    I'll start making spoilers for my new set soon. I'll probably be posting them instead of images for the next... however long. I could use feedback, as card effects are definitely my weak point. Suggestions are also welcome. I've updated the set list to show how many abilities, attacks, and effects each card will have.

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