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    Vinnie Valentine

    "Aye, my name's Liam. I be from Scotland," Liam began. "Now before I get all friendly with ye lads and lassies, I got to get a few things off my chest. I don't like to step around the truth too much, so I'll do my best to be charming as all Scotsman are," he then turned to Adrian.

    "Ye lad talk too much. Ye ramble on and on long enough and I'm going to ignore ya." Yes, finally somebody who calls it as it is! Adrian's smug smile disappeared quickly, leaving only a conflicted and sad face. Then apparently it was my turn. "Ye must be an interesting one. Rather friendly and all until a girl pops in and suddenly ye are all over that. Give her time to breath and such. I thought the French were romantic, not desperate." Okay wow f*ck that. I was actually just pissed that nobody bothered to ask me my name, but now I actually am going to try and win over Penelope. Just because of that. Game on, Liam.

    "Ye I got nothing bad to say. I hope ye pick the right one out of this lot. Oh and next time, warn me before ye hug me again. I rather give ye a proper one next time." Okay so that's his game. Bash everyone except the girl and then feign indifference. Clever man, clever man. It's going to be tricky snagging the girl with this guy around. Before anybody could respond to the snark load that was just unleashed, a loud hissing noise grabbed everyone's attention. A black, small creature, with glowing white eyes and a butler tuxedo coat on started to creep towards the group. It was kinda frightening, being black and very imp-like. It was like something out of a video game, an enemy.

    "WHAT IS THAT!" yelled Adrian. Funny, he wasn't so smug now. Then Penelope exclaimed, "Why is it coming closer?!" She hid behind Liam. (Liam, +1)

    "That is an IMP," the sprite collage said, "It is your enemy. You should use your STRIFE WEAPONS to kill it, or more will come."

    The imp was joined by three or four other buddies, each wearing something that the sprite mashup had. I guess whatever we prototyped affects more than the sprite. It's a good thing I didn't prototype something dangerous or deadly, that would have sucked. I was still a little nervous, however. What if these guys were tough? Or if they were poisonous and such? Do we even take physical injury from battle wounds? I guess I shouldn't try finding out, regardless. I materialized my chakram at this point. Better than nothing I guess.

    "Better get those fighting skills tuned and raise your stats a bit!" Mr. Sprite said. He seemed really happy for some reason, no idea why. Maybe he got it from one of the other prototypings, because he sure didn't sound anything like Reginald. I wonder if *real* Reginald is on Earth with Mémé....

    "HOW DO WE DO THAT?" Adrian said, again extremely loud. Jesus did he get off the smug express with the quickness. (Not that I can talk, I'm pretty much petrified at this point.) "HOW DO WE RAISE OUR SKILLS!?"

    The SPRITE smiled almost as smugly as Adrian did a minute ago. Almost. "Use them!"


    The imps lunged at us, with deadly sharp claws and teeth showing. But a gunshot rang through the air. The lead imp tumbed to the ground, got back up, and ran off. Holy sh*t, gunshots didn't even hurt them? Another imp peeled off to follow is bullet-ridden cohort, while another (a fairy winged one) seemed ready to jump at Penelope. She quickly stepped out from behind Liam, and made quick work of the imp attacking her. Adrian ran off after the two imps that left, while a fifth player strugged to hold them off herself (yesss more females. But I had one to worry about already). By the time Penelope had finished off her imp, a fifth one emerged, with beetle like features. It approached Penelope from behind, as she bent over to gather some loot from the enemy.

    Time to tip the scales in my favor.

    "Watch out!" I yelled, jumping to stand in front of Penelope as the imp lunged. It jumped at me, teeth gnashing and claws scratching. I managed to hold it away from scratching anything vital on me, while also getting my chakram maneuvered into slicing its chest. It jumped away, and I readied my chakram in a Frisbee throwing position. Yeah, I know that's not how they are traditionally thrown, but I'm not about to twirl this razor sharp disc on my fingers. As it prepared to pounce again, I threw my weapon, severing the little bastard's arm. It squealed and exploded into black mist, leaving behind only a few colorful gems on the ground. They kinda looked like fruit gushers.....

    My heart racing a little from the excitement, I turned back to Penelope. " Est ce que vous allez bien?" I probably shouldn't have said it so formally, but I didn't wanna make her feel weird.

    I glanced towards Liam as he dealt with his imp. Knight to E4.

    ((ooc: I know that chess pun was sooo lame but I couldn't help myself... ;_;))

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