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Cocktail (1988)

Can't beat a bit of 1980s Tom Cruise. I actually really enjoyed watching this for a second time, I don't know if the recording hadn't worked right or if I just didn't pay attention but the first time I watched I didn't realise it had a semi-happy ending :)

The Next Three Days

When I saw the adverts for this in 2010 I thought it was much more of an action film. It wasn't, but it wasn't disappointing either. Sure, the plot would be a lot less believable if it wasn't Russell Crowe, and he hadn't taken hints from Liam Neeson. But it was Russell Crowe, and he did take advice from the mentor of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Batman, Bane etc. xD
And it honestly had me sitting up straight wondering what was going to happen next, even once I realised they were definitely getting away with it. The scene where he took the old couple for a drive had me thinking "genius".
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