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    Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
    This whole post is coming from a belief that God (or any god) exists or is out there in some form, whereas I'm of the belief that the God we're thinking of simply doesn't exist. You don't have to be religious to pray, correct, but the act of prayer is a religious thing itself.
    Exactly! I can put it that way:
    -Prayer: You believe in God & want Him to do something for you.
    -Wish: You don't believe in God & want something to happen but you're not addressing anyone.

    Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
    Like the OP asked though, has anyone believed their prayers have been answered?
    Yes my prayers get answered most of the time, because usually if I want something I ask God to help me & make a way & stuff then I go make it happen, that's if I'm not up to mkischief & want something good, if there's nothing I can do about something (like make someone get well) I just pray that it happens.

    As for
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    your family could be horribly murdered in an incident and your lifetime of praying wouldn't of came into play at all. sorry if it sounds harsh. but its true.
    Actually I have to disagree, praying that bad things don't happen DOES prevent them, if you're a good person that won't harm others then God will protect you & your loved ones, if you aren't then God may or may not make bad things happen to you, we can't say that someone died because he didn't pray but sometimes death is a punishment & we both know that...
    The true punishment though is in the after-life (as I personally believe) when God will judge all your doings & reward or punish you, but that's JUST my belief.
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