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Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
A huge chunk of the Skype chats I've been involved in the past have centered around the Australian/NZ/Southern Hemisphere members and well, Bloodex doesn't live in a timezone where he can host a Skype call when we're most active. Usually Nica would do such a thing, but since she has since gracefully departed from the forum/the Get-Together as far as I know, I'd love to host the Skype call at the times when Bloodex is sleeping. I mean, he can't exactly be awake all the time, lol.
Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
Actually, according to my schedule, I just realized that I don't have school on Thursday the 4th. So I'm totally up for hosting Skype again this year. :D Yay for no plans that weekend!
I'd also love to co-host the Skype chats for this year, Dipu will be need someone in his timezone to help host, especially when he'll have to go AFK for a couple of times (doing other things and errands and stuff). And he and I could take turns while one of us takes a break.

Megan would be good for those in UTC/GMT -8 to 10 timezone areas whilst Harley would be good for his side UTC/GMT +12 to 8.

If any one of you objects or have something to add on, then I'm all ears~

I'm looking forward to this, since this is my first GT.

Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
I've helped host a iSketch event before, so, maybe it can make a re-appearance this Get-Together? I can help host it again if that's the case~!

Also, speaking of video games maybe some sort of League of Legends event, or tournament? If people are into League of Legends, that is. I can iron out the idea.

If you're doing a retro gaming event, I can help with that too!

Going for the iSketch I'd love to co-host it with Shawn along with AWsquared , also just saying, a lot of people would love for it to be an event, and I'm pretty sure that it'll get tons of activity too~
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