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    Hello, I am planning on making a hack, and I've had 3 starters that I've had in my mind that I've really polished since I was a child. I am planning on making a game that goes back to the nostalgiac feeling of playing RSE and previous games for me. These starters were created when RSE came out... and I've since them just had them in my head. However, I've played many Pokemon hacks with Fakemon and they feel so empty to me. I just feel like it detracts from the actual hack.

    I'm not even planning on having these starters available from the start, and rather, have them be more like "mascots"; kind of like how Pikachu is. You see them represented in the game as sort of an overarching theme.

    Anyway, I may be overthinking things. Basically, I know it depends a lot on the hack that is being made, but do you think that having fakemon enhances the experience?
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