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#1 Update for Monofire - Blue

-done beginning stuff
-defeated Gary
-grinding to LV 16 before Brock
-evolved intoin Viridian Forest

: difficulty 0/5
*Ember till the end

-done Mt. Moon
-defeated Gary and don Nugget Bridge
-got Ticket

: difficulty 1/5
*Seismic Toss 2 times againstand it's defeated

-defeated Gary and got Cut
-evolved intoin Vermilion City Gym

: difficulty 0/5
*3 Slashes

-done Rock Tunnel
-caught aon Route 8
-bought a Fire Stone
-defeated Giovanni in Game Corner

: difficulty 0/5
*Grass hatesxD

-defeated Rival and Team Rocket in Pokemon Tower
-evolvedintoinside Pokemon Tower as soon as it learnt Flamethrower
-done Silph. Co. and defeated Gary and Giovanni
-defeated Fighting Dojo
-done every possible Routes
-got Surf and Strength
-done every Surf Routes

Koga: difficulty 0/5
*Flamethrower 4 times

-caughtin Pokemon Mansion
-evolved intoin Saffron City Gym

: difficulty 0/5
*Body Slam 4 times

: difficulty 0/5
*3 Double Team and Body Slams

: difficulty 0/5
*6 Double Teams Body Slam and Fire Blast

-defeated Gary
-done Victory Road


Lorelei: difficulty 1/5
*killed everyone with Slash and died to...eventually defeated by

Bruno: difficulty 0/5
*3 Swords-Dance and then Slash

Agatha: difficulty 0/5

Lance: difficulty 1/5
*defeatedthenset up 2 Swords-Dance and Slashed everything

: diffiuclty 0/5
vs2 Flamethrower 3-5
vs2 Slashes 3-4
vs6 Double Teams and then 3 Fire Blasts 3-3
vsDig 3-2
vsFlamethrower 3-1
vsConfuse Ray he always hit himself 3-0

Final Team:

Confuse Ray
Quick Attack

Body Slam
Fire Blast
Double Team

On going Challenges:
RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons