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    Hm. Interesting idea you have here. Plus, it just so happens... Yep! I've got an opening! SU incoming!


    Name: Derek Stonemason

    Age: 16

    Personality: Derek is a generally easygoing fellow, when off the battlefield. When it comes to battles, Derek is cold, hard, and tactical. He often implements strategies that require all of his Pokemon to work together, thus resulting in a deep friendship between all of them. Despite this, Derek is very sociable, and likes to be around people. It is not rare for him to to start talking to people as though he had known them for years. He isn't a bad sport, and when he does lose, he will actually congratulate the other trainer. Derek does, however, have an issue with people that think that their Pokemon are but tools, and especially despises those that outlawed battles. It has been more than once that Derek has argued long and hard on the subject.

    History: Originally from Fortree city, Derek grew up in a normal home, with a normal family. His father worked for a lumber company, and his mother worked in the city's gym. Everything was going well, and got only better as he recieved a young Charmander for his eleventh birthday. Normally, he would have gone on a journey for the gym badges of his and other regions, had there not been a law against battling. Despite this, Derek took his Charmander into the forest to train every day. One day while training, Deek stumbled across an injured Ralts, which he took home and raised in secret. As he didn't have a Pokeball, the small Pokemon followed him around, quickly befriending the young Derek and his Charmander. Things seemed perfectly normal, until the fateful day that his father died in a logging accident. Unable to support the family on her own, Derek's mother was forced to move to the Johto region, taking Derek and his two Pokemon with him. Charmander had evolved since then, now a mighty Charmeleon. Ralts also evolved during the trip, when they were stopped on an island to refuel. On that island, Derek befriended a Larion, which he managed to catch using a discarded great ball that he had found. His three Pokemon alongside him, Derek continued to Goldenrod city, where his mom had landed a job in the radio tower. Soon, he was off exploring the ruins of Alph, interested at first by their historic value, then later by the fact that he had his first battle. He won, something that he enjoyed. Later while exploring the area, he found a Pupitar, which Derek, who didn't know a thing about Johto Pokemon, thought it was a variation of a bug type Pokemon in its pupal stage. This theory was dashed as it evolved into a Tyranitar directly before his eyes. The long, grueling battle ensued, resulting in his catching of the Tyranitar, along with the evolution of Larion. The many days that followed were spent mostly hanging with friends in the ruins of Alph, training his Pokemon occasionally. By the time his Pokemon were fully evolved, something that took quite a while, Derek was already 16. He soon got word of the Johto league, and pursued it with all his might, though his attempts were in vain.




    Pokemon 1
    -species: Charizard
    -nickname: Blaze
    -moveset: Fire Blast, Fly, Dragon Tail, Earthquake

    Pokemon 2
    -species: Gardevoir
    -nickname: Tetra
    -moveset: Psychic, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psych Up

    Pokemon 3:
    -species: Aggron
    -nickname: Techtrix
    -moveset: Giga Impact, Ancientpower, Zen Headbutt, Glare

    Pokemon 4:
    -species: Tyranitar
    -nickname: Zephyr
    -moveset: Dragon Rage, Flame Charge, Thunder, Swagger