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    Johto Update #2: I left off when I mentioned Sprout Tower. Well, my sleep didn't go so well. Violet City people are way nicer than the Kanto Elite 4. Everyone asked if I wanted a place to stay, interrupting my sleep. How pleasant of them. Training in Sprout Tower was easy, despite Tyson and Loyal not having Ember. Loyal even solo'd the Elder, but not before Derp could butt in. Seriously, you think you're better than me because you won first? Forget you! Falkner was just as easy, with Loyal also soloing him, although Loyal almost fainted. Falkner asked if I wanted to hang out with him for a little bit, so I accepted. Holy crap, Falkner had a whole backyard full of flying type Pokemon in training. He even had an army of Charmanders and Charmeleons, with a side of 2 Charizards. I already miss Slendy. Eventually, I had to continue my journey in Johto, and that is just what I did. While headed down to Union Cave, Tyson evolved into Quilava! Yay. Clearing Route 32 of trainers, my team of fire types wanted rest, so we are currently sleeping outside Union Cave. How am I doing in my fire monotype? Current party is: Tyson the Quilava(M) Lvl.15 with: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, and Ember; and Loyal the Growlithe(M) Lvl.12 with: Bite, Roar, and Ember. Any moveset suggestions are welcome, and as always good luck to anyone attempting this challenge, and see you later.