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    Introductions, those are the best part!
    Alexandra always relished the idea of getting to know someone new, the more the merrier.
    The rest of the class didn't quite seem to feel the same way however.
    One by one they they all, rather reluctantly got up, or not, and gave a brief backstory, some briefer than others.
    All the varied accents alone made a strong point of how diversified this class was.
    Something that, largely thanks to her mother - a university linguistics professor, just made the whole thing more exciting.

    The indroductions passed rather quickly, and soon enough it was her turn.
    Giving Yunia, or Dune, just enough time to be sure she was finished with her little speech, Alexandra stood up, attempting to angle herself in such a way she could at least somewhat see everyone.
    "Hi guys! I'm Alexandra Stål, and I come from a small town in Sweden called Motala."
    She took just a brief pause to look at everyone one by one, or at least those who were willing to return the look.
    "I am 18 years old, my birthday is September 26 and I'm a libra. I love health food, because it's good for staying in shape, but I also love snacks. I also like sports, like basket, football, swimming, and..."
    She made herself a mental note not to spill her entire life story at once, they were probably on the clock, and she didn't want to hog all the available time.
    "...Hrm, anyway, I'm here because I was kinda hit by a truck, and I didn't die."
    She briefly considered a demonstration, but unsure of how safe or unsafe it might be in the classroom, opted not to.
    "Right before it hit me I "accidently" turned completely into some sort of metal form. It looks really cool, but it might be a bit too heavy to use in here, so If anyone wants to see I can show it later! Oh, and I can turn really hot too."
    She gave herself a nod, rather satisfied with the intro. Oh, save for one thing.
    "Oh right, as for the name thing... I'm not sure yet, I haven't come up with anything I really like the sound of yet. Is it okay if I take some extra time to think about it?"
    And with that she sat back down, waiting for Emigre to take the word once again.
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