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Alright I've managed to narrow down my Movesets.... However, there still remain a few I need help with. (This is for Diamond by the way)
My party consists of:

Empoleon- surf | ice beam | flash cannon | drill peck (this will be replaced with energy ball when I come across it)
Honchkrow- fly | aerial ace | steel wing | dark pulse

The next four I need input on (I need help on the Movesets, I'm not changing my party):

Toxicroak- x-scissor | poison jab | brick break | faint attack (this is the move I want to replace; should I give him stone edge or earthquake?)

Luxray- spark | iron tail | crunch | discharge (this is the move I want to replace; any suggestions that don't involve breeding? I am looking for coverage)

Gengar- shadow ball | dark pulse | thunderbolt | nightshade (this is the move I want to replace; should I give him psychic or sludge bomb? Again, I am looking for coverage, as he has a very low defense)

Dialga- dragon pulse | roar of time | metal claw | earth power

Dialga is the one I am having the most trouble with; I definitely want to keep dragon pulse and keep aura sphere when he learns it. However, I am also considering the following moves:

Flash cannon

So, what should Dialga have for his four set moves? Or rather, two set moves? (Since I am automatically keeping aura sphere and dragon pulse)
Note: these pokemon are NOT for teaming up with someone online; I am just building them for my game in general (and ultimately for the battle tower, single battles) any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

~ Slim