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Nathaniel Calaway- Paris, France

Nathaniel took to the streets of Paris, practically abandoning James for the sake of the mission. Which was…? That was a good point. Nathaniel did not really understand his mission, which truly lies in fault with the Librarian and his endless eccentricities. As interesting, wise and helpful he has been, Nathaniel always looked back at his conversation with James as a reminder of why the Librarian could not be trusted. Why would an Atlantean as powerful as him need the assistance of a few unknown Atlanteans? Was he the collector that Nathaniel imagined? He wanted to be wrong. He wanted to believe that the Librarian was a good man; a leader with the best intentions for humans and Atlanteans alike, but there was a shred of suspicion that always loomed overhead. It worried that he left Oakley with him, but with the limitless power that the Librarian had on hand, she couldn't be anywhere safer. At least she wouldn't be hurt. The Librarian didn't seem the sort to explicitly hurt people. No, if anything, he would rather keep his valuable resources alive and use them to his full advantage. He needed them. Thinking of it, he was concerned for Oakley. Despite hardly bonding during the training, he did his best to help her out, watch over her and befriend her. Her ability has put her through a lot and Nathaniel understood that. Making friends and keeping the whole atmosphere calming was the least he could do. And probably it was the best he could do too.

Meanwhile, James…he was a whole another story. James and Nathaniel trained together intensely, constantly pushing the other to improve. They practiced and honed their abilities, teaching each other a few cool tricks that shockingly revealed some genuine ingenuity in both Atlanteans. That being said, the two bickered outside of training. While they had comparable goals, their means to a shared end were far different. Nathaniel did not bond to James easily, but he was a respectable man nonetheless. He brought new ideas to the table and was an intelligent man in his own way. Not the traditional intelligence that Nathaniel usually respected, but with everything that happened, a new perspective was welcome. Though, James' open mind to murder was disturbing. He wonder if James ever took a life. Nathaniel has. Something he wish he didn't. As much as Nathaniel tried to justify it, he cannot erase the past. And he feared he would have to do it again. Would it be easier? Would Nathaniel fall into the trap that James seemed to fall into it years ago? Nathaniel just hoped that his principles would prove stronger than the necessary deeds that would follow to make his visions for the future a reality. His vision for a better world. Just what the world would look like was going to be decided today.

Nathaniel walked throughout the streets of Paris, watching as the city crumbled before the meters as they crashed to the ground. The city was reduced to a winding maze of chaos, burning bright in flames. People were fleeing in all directions, forcing Nathaniel to wade through. He tried to make his way to the source of the problem. The Eiffel Tower was the only landmark of importance that he knew about, so Nathaniel tried his best to make it there. Perhaps that was the source of the problem. And Nathaniel could be the solution. That is what he was hoping.

Nathaniel bolted towards the Eiffel Tower. The sounds of battle to a not so enjoyable soundtrack welcomed him as Nathaniel crept ever closer. Nathaniel slowed his approach as to not endanger his vantage point. For now, he had the element of surprise. He could scout out the opposition and make the best attack possible. However, his nature could the best of him. As he peered through the smoke and debris of the battle, he saw what appeared to be a large, stone golem-like monster stand over a girl, maybe half his size, ready to crush the innocent girl. Nathaniel could not stand for that. He ran closer, remembering his training, froze the water molecules in the air creating a large pillar that drove into the golem's chest launching him back several meters from the girl. Given the nature of the beast, it barely would hurt him. It would maybe wind him at best, or cause enough of a shock to keep him preoccupied for a moment as Nathaniel created a strategy in his head. Nathaniel walked over to the girl, stomping out the flame to her left as he approached.

"Get to safety," Nathaniel said to her, trying to bridge the gap between an order and a request. "I will handle this."

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