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    Hey Mateo, it's me again and I'm reporting some new mistakes that I've seen this time around:

    - When catching three or more Unown, and exiting the ruins, the lab assistant has the wrong sprite: it is a blue-colored Gold's sprite. After taking the player to the little house of the ruins, and entering, he has the correct sprite.
    - Kris is seen inside the Sprout Tower, but she isn't surprised to see the player. A "KRIS: " would be better too.
    - The same mistakes involving Ruins of Alph's overworld maps, that are present in the original game, are here (they don't match with the other maps).
    - The is now rail road on Route 32, but there is no visual cue of why the player can't follow the road to its right or left.
    - Kurt says that Team Rocket was disbanded three years ago. But if this is happening after Pokémon Gold, he should say that Team Rocket was disbanded, again, just last summer. The last Rocket in the Delibird's cave makes this mistake too.
    - The couple on Route 37, has such a long name, that when switching Pokemon in the battle, its name overlaps the limits.
    - Why are there ice blocks inside the Burned tower? That can't be right.
    - Going to the Battle Tower, and then inmediately exiting and going to the Lighthouse, you can see at its right, instead of the Poke ball item, Gold's spirte:

    - Saving in:

    and reseting, makes the sprites mixed up:

    - Talking to this dude in the entrance for the Tin Tower teleports me to the exit:

    - This should be "last seen":

    - This rocket came through all the trees:

    - The rock refers itself as a Persian Statue:

    (I think this has already been noted).
    - Red uses a Dragonite (remnant from Lance) before the last battle with the Rockets. A Pikachu sprite could fit better.
    - The Battle Tower's Chairman is referred as a Director when he speaks:

    - The whole Egg adventure is now about the old couple giving you the egg and Elm wanting to know what came of it. However, when you show Togepi to him, he says, "So Pokémon are born from eggs..." He already knows that, he learned that in the summer. He knew about the egg because the couple told him, not because he wanted to research that:

    - At the top of Saffron City the man that blocks the entrance to the underground path has disappeared:

    - No Snorlax is seen if you're coming from the right:

    Other stuff:

    This still happens, even though you mentioned it was fixed.

    This trainer that is by the Whirl Islands can trespass the barrier.

    On the other hand, those new features that you promise are fantastic. I just was going to say that the same events from Gold, like the Lighthouse, should be changed, since those already happened.

    So, I hope that you see this. Thanks for this hack again!
    Dr. James
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