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Thanks for the detailed bug reports there Dr.James. A few of these I've already found and fixed for this version, but a few of them I didn't know about. I'll also have to look back into the issue with the birds on South Isle and see what the deal is with that. I'll also make it more notable as to why you can't walk on the tracks in Route 32. The couple's name has also been changed so that they no longer overlap.

I know that the problem with swimmer/Pokeball/etc around Olivine comes from issues with the spritesheets and I *think* they are fixed now, but I'll make sure to test that extensively before releasing the new version.

I've also updated the map for the forest above Mahogany. There are now motion sensors in place of the boulders, and they are labeled appropriately. I've also fixed a few of the typos you pointed out, but some of them I missed. I also will go back in and fix the storyline/continuity errors in text that you pointed out as well.

That elder is no longer an issue either. That small building that only served to block the way has been replaced by a shinto shrine instead. It lets you increase Pokemon's happiness by having them "blessed" by Rei, the Shrine Maiden. And you are able to surf across the pond to get to the tower (which still makes you wait until after Morty to reach it, since his badge is required to use Surf outside of battle).

One thing though, what exactly do you mean with Ruins of Alph's maps not lining up properly? The only bug I remembered being in original Gold with ruins of Alph was that the roof of the reseach building completely changed color at night to be Orange while it was Gray during the day, and that doesn't happen here that I know of.

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