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Wyatt Cale – Champ de Mars, Paris, France

To say that Paris was literally ‘Hell on Earth’ was a bit of an understatement. All around him rocks fell from the sky, impacting into the ground strong enough to rock the ground beneath his feet as smoke drenched the air around them. Switching into Infra-Red vision, his smoky vision was replaced with the now familiar red glow of the warm air around them, not to mention the glowing body signatures of his so called ‘teammates’. Looking to the sky, he could see a blazing figure glowing brightly enough to make him want to shield his eyes, standing on top of the Eiffel Tower. Near the base of the Tower, he could see an array of other figures fumbling around in the haze, some even fighting each other.

“Guys, I’m pretty sure the guy doing this is on top of the Tower, can you teleport up there Jeremy?”

The others turned around and looked at Wyatt as if he had sworn at each and every one of them, “uh, I don’t fight, so this is all up to you guys,” and with that, Jeremy teleported off, no doubt to somewhere safe outside of Paris.

“Wyatt, work your way to the Eiffel Tower, we’ve got company,” Adrian spoke, flexing his four arms in preparation, “October and I have got it from here.”

Wyatt turned around to see a group of three people approach them, before he took off into the smoke filled park. He could feel the smoke stinging at his eyes, trying to blind him, but part of his Atlantean ability strengthened his eyes, creating almost an invisible layer to protect the source of his ability. He was nearly at the base of the tower when an invisible force ripple through the air, sending him spiralling backwards and knocking his eyesight back into normal vision. In front of him, a shorter, European guy stood, microphone still in his hands and a smug look on his face. To Wyatt’s right, a younger boy stood opposite the man, glowing slightly as the two seemed to be squaring off. Notching an arrow on his black, Fibreglass Compound Bow, he let it fly, knocking the man’s microphone right out of his grip.

“Dude, your voice is crap, it’s time you got off the stage,” Wyatt again notched another bow, this time aiming it at the guys’ chest, “the first one was a warning shot, this next one is the real deal-”

Wyatt had little time to deal as the guy threw his head back before launching what felt like a buffet of wind at Wyatt, sending him flying back yet again, his notched arrow flying off into the distance. From the ground, he drew an arrow, letting it fly between his legs, aimed at the stomach region of his assailant, only to watch it shatter in mid-flight as the singer screeched. Dusting himself off, he turned to the guy glowing, “how about we force him into an early retirement?”

October Carter and Adrian Santoro – Champ de Mars, Paris France

”Well, well, well, who do we have here? A sl*t and her toyboy, just waiting for a beat down.” The three figures emerged from the smoke, the lead figure a girl in her early twenties, while she was flanked by a male and female, both looking a little older. Adrian and October had been up against these three before, one of the stronger teams of the Atlantean Royal Family that could trample them easily into the ground.

“Shut up, Chrysta, we all know you’re just sore from the last time I kicked your ass.” October retorted, slowly getting riled up just by the presence of this girl. For some reason, October took extreme dislike towards the girl, and in any fight with them would do her best to take her head on while Adrian was left to take care of the other two.

“You only won cause someone thought it would be funny to blow up Berlin,” Her face now sour, “so how about we settle this once and for all?”

“Three against two seems hardly fair,” Adrian interjected, he was hoping that without one of them on their team, they would stand a fair fight, “keep the bird out of the fight and we’ll agree.” There was almost an underlying understanding between Atlanteans that a fight was fought on equal ground, and as much as Adrian disliked this apparent ‘Atlantean Culture’, he still adhered to it out of some strange emotion to.

“Okay then, Vulture, go check out the tower, we’ll handle this.” Chrysta, despite being younger, seemed almost like the leader of the group. Or at least, the others made her think that. Without further delay, she launched herself at October, spinning her body in a way that turned her into a human drill, powering through the air directly for October.

Adrian sidestepped Chrysta’s attack, pelting forward at the girl that now enticed him to attack. Usually he was against hitting girls, but in this case, he would hold back, making sure he didn’t hurt her too much, provided she didn’t deal to him first. He barely managed to get a hit in before something wrapped around his leg, yanking him backwards with enough force to send him face planting into the ground. Lucky for him, having four arms gave him four chances to redeem himself, but not any to stop from being lifted up in the air. He continued to curse out loud as he now looked his opponent in the eye; her hair flying wildly around behind her as if it had a mind of its own.

“Is history doomed to repeat itself?” She asked him sarcastically, shaking Adrian around like a rag doll. Last time Adrian had faced off against the woman, she could not stop laughing at her ability to animate, lengthen and control her hair. She had done the same thing to him back then too.

“If only you want it to, Chico,” he smiled his ‘perfect’ smile at her, grabbing a lighter from his pocket and singing the ‘vines’ of hair that had entangled themselves around his ankle.

With a scream of pain, Adrian fell to the ground with a large ‘oof’ as she recoiled her hair, running the now burnt split ends between her fingers. If anything, her amazing hair was her pride and joy, her ability to manipulate it made it more beautiful than any normal human could achieve, but it would still take her hair a while to recover from the burns Adrian had just bestowed on her. In a yell of anger, her hair flared out behind her like a vertical halo, encircling her body. If she could shoot laser beams out of her eyes as well, Adrian would have been fried instantly. Adrian was now in a fight for his life, his four arms fighting, yanking and twisting the tendrils of hair that lurched forward from her skull.

On the other front, October dodged to and fro as Chrysta continued to throw herself at October, rolling through the air or spinning along the ground like a spinning top. As much as she tried, she could not get a solid touch on the spinning Chrysta to send vibrations through the girl’s body and so stayed on the defensive. Luring her beneath a tree, October stomped her foot, vibrations rolling through the ground, toppling the tree right on top of the spinning Chrysta. Laughing, she celebrated her victory, albeit was short lived.

“I’m sorry, it looks like it’s time for you to leaf.” She added as Chrysta emerged from the foliage, sticks and leaves entwined in her clothes and hair.

“Time for Round Two, B*tch!” Chrysta screamed, launching herself in another volley at October.
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